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Something about Fairy Tales and "Magic Thinking”.

By Ian Lisakov

September, 2012.

Nothing ever happens instantly in our life. Any, even seemingly the most rapid or instant actions are still a process. And the most interesting things in our life are happening during this process.

 It is true that for other people this process might be unnoticeable at all. There was a regular person wi ... Read more »

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By Ian Lisakov
August 26, 2012

Sometimes, speaking with my Guides I'm asking them very personal questions and there is no possibility to predict the level of answer I will receive. It may be something very personal as well, it may be some picture with meaning yet to be discovered, or it may be something more global somehow connected to my question. This time I received not just an answer for my question, but a very interesting and a more expanded picture which I want to bring here as well.

Imagine a fairy rugged, mountainous terrain, covered with an enormous number of roads. Each or them with their own loops, ascends, descends, detours, bumps and, of course, with a straight and smooth sections as well. Some of them converging and intersecting from time to time, others so far away from each other that their intersection is hard to image at all, even theoretically. And every road belongs to a particular human ... Read more »
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By Ian Lisakov

August, 16, 2012.

There is much similarity between the beginning of symphonic concert and the Beginning of Creation. In the emptiness and silence of the scene, together with musicians appear single sounds. They gradually become denser and turn into initial chaos and cacophony. This chaos, however, potentially contains all the necessary elements for the future harmony and pregnant with something unknown, which, by the way, you mig ... Read more »

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The Problem of Choice.

Ian Lisakov

This is one of the most fundamental and irresolvable problems in a person’s life, in sense that there is no final resolution for this problem at all.

Our entire life and every moment of it is one or another choice entailing the whole spectrum of other choices and so on to infinity. In fact, when someone says "I have no choice…” - in that sentence there is no humiliating acceptance and a real lack of choice, but decision (i.e. CHOICE) to address this possibility to someone or something else.

... Read more »

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"Memento Mori"

Ian Lisakov

The most dramatic and outstanding event of every life is the death.

This subject has not been at the focus of my attention until one day this phrase come into my head in all its odd integrity. And it stuck there as a kind of definition. Since my own experience tells me that no thought comes without a reason, then I decided that this case is worthy of attention or, at least, some consideration.

... Read more »
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Question to Jeshua

Received by Ian Lisakov

Everything written here has been received by integral package of awareness during the meditation. I just tried to write it down more or less coherently and consistently.

"Jeshua, you've been in our world, lived here. You have gone through what you have, although I think that we'll never know what really has been. If it's possible I'd like to talk to you and ask you some que ... Read more »

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Stairway of Memory.

Ian Lisakov

This stairway is like a spiral down into a deep well. The deeper I dive down into the memory, the darker. The first several turns are yet well illuminated by today's light, but the deeper, the harder it is to make out something.

There are people who spend most of their life in twilight of this staircase, choosing a site for themselves in the relative distance from today's light and hiding there like in a bomb shelt ... Read more »

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ThetaHealing Session (The Experience of the Soul)

Ian Lisakov


-          Sit still, please. ... Read more »

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Islands. (The Experience of the Soul)

Ian Lisakov

There was no time. It has been something, rather - 4 or 5 PM, when the Sun doesn't go down yet, but not already broiling. Though, the Sun is never broiling here. It came to be that when creating this place I never cared about the weather, so it remains almost the same all the time.

The only radical shift had happened at the very beginning, when I ha ... Read more »

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