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Main » 2012 » July » 22 » Question to Jeshua
11:00 AM
Question to Jeshua

Question to Jeshua

Received by Ian Lisakov

Everything written here has been received by integral package of awareness during the meditation. I just tried to write it down more or less coherently and consistently.

"Jeshua, you've been in our world, lived here. You have gone through what you have, although I think that we'll never know what really has been. If it's possible I'd like to talk to you and ask you some questions.

Why is there so little joy in our lives? Why, despite all inner work, cannot we reach abundance or at least welfare? Why cannot I live just as I want? There are many different "why”s, but all of them, in one way or another, involve overall scarcity of satisfaction which we feel in our lives."

Well, I'll try to give one answer for all that "why", for as you've rightly noticed, all of them are connected with and affected the same layer of issues. There are the issues inherent to those naming themselves "Lightworkes" or just considering themselves "spiritual" people.

It is important to understand that there are no "nonspiritual" people. The certain spiritual part inherent to all people incarnated in the world of duality and expressed by them in all diversity of the forms. This is trivial, but has to be mentioned in order to move to the essence of the question. Every individual in this particular incarnation is at a certain unique stage of formulation (i.e. shaping in form) their spiritual component.

Those still on the earlier stages are captured by the diversity of forms and spend their whole time either paying with the different forms and testing one or the other, or choosing a few of the most favorites and embodying in these forms an entire potential of the current life.

Such people are fascinated by the world of forms, its diversity, "realness" and tangibility and usually this is the only thing existing for them in this life. Everything that they cannot somehow "touch" seems irrelevant to them and pushed to the very backyard of consciousness, marked as not essential and, therefore, not worthy of attention, time and energy (that are essentially the same things). That, however, does not mean that these things have not been registered, noticed or have been ignored. They are just hidden, postponed "for the later".

Over the time (in the process of evolution) two things occur with the individual.

First, the game with the forms becomes more and more boring, as a diversity of toys becomes for a child, when they begin to resemble one another with time, without bringing any new experiences and sensations.

On the other hand, the mass of postponed impressions and questions becomes so big that simply ignoring it becomes impossible. And this moment of recognition the person passes through a complete overturn. Such a person switches their attention completely or almost completely away from the diversity of the physical, "tangible", and "matter" forms, (discarding them as something boring and, moreover, obstructing) over to all that’s "new" to them which had accumulated in their "closet".

All of you, who read these channelings now, who are trying somehow to live a spiritual life, make a spiritual work and consider themselves "Lightworkers" have undergone that stage throughout numerous lifetimes. These had been incarnations of a total or partial refusal of physical forms and attempts to bring order to accumulated spiritual baggage and bringing it to some form as well.

And since you are already tired from a variety of physical forms which ultimately haven't brought you satisfaction, you would now pour an entire spiritual content into a single, "true", rock-solid form. And for the establishing of that form for yourselves and for others you have been willing to give up everything, to fight, to kill and to die yourselves.

I'm talking about countless incarnations that are in one way or another connected to a particular religion - incarnations as monks, hermits, crusaders, theologists, Jesuits, ascetics, zealots etc., that exist in some form in any major religion. I'm not speaking here about those who live and flourish around the religion. These people more or less continue counting the toys of physical forms, just differently colored in such a case. I'm speaking about those who, during long-long ages, from incarnation to incarnation, rejected the physical, bodily life as unworthy for the sake of spirituality.

All these lifetimes which, indubitably, have advanced you greatly in your evolution, and ultimately have led to the current state of consciousness where you are able to overcome the restrictions of a particular tradition, no matter what it is, and to come closer to understanding and accepting the Unity, have raised in you, among other things, the qualities that are now beginning to hamper you.

I'm speaking about humility and self-denial which had been implanted in you for ages, the fear of highest (or just higher) authority, some spiritual arrogance and tendency to look down upon those still "having fun" physical forms and a contempt to these forms as something "lower".

Honesty speaking, you've felt yourself not so bad within the limits you consequently have pushed yourself into. You've got accustomed to be within this frame, settled there and have felt quite comfortable within all around determined world, where everything had been laid out on the shelves. And the most important thing is that you have no necessity to take responsibility of your own life because there was SOMEONE much higher, more intelligent, knowledgeable, and powerful who have taken this responsibility for you. During these incarnations you've forgotten how to deal with physical world of matter and, more importantly – enjoy it, because you used to condemn this joy and rejected it.

You have outgrown the frameworks of a specific system, realizing that they all belong to the Unity. Moreover, you are beginning to understand that the Unity includes yourselves along with all physical forms around you as well. You feel that there is no more space for us within familiar restrictions, but you are afraid to break through them. You know that there is a new task before you, but it does not cause you much enthusiasm, for you know that it involves exiting from your "comfort zone", whatever it have been, and the new territory exploration. You've been told that you’re able and need to gain your own power, but you are afraid for you know quite well that along with this power you'll have to take charge of your own life, without looking at the sometimes punishing, sometimes encouraging, but mainly always making a choice "Father". 

Be aware of your fear. Realize where it comes from. There is no condemnation. You do not have to blame yourself and others. Yes, you have to learn a lot from the very beginning. And as in every learning process at the initial stage you will not be given just what you want. You haven't even got the confidence now to know what is right and what is wrong. But you will never gain it if you shall continue to look for authorities and hide from the world.

Please, remember. I've spoken to you once about the Islands. I know that it is scary to get up on water and go over it as a dry land, when over the ages you've been told that you can only walk on solid ground. This is not to mention that you can’t know if you even move in a right direction. But there is no other choice. The Promised Land does not exist. There is no perfect form for embodying your spiritual state once and forever. Not lastly because it constantly changes as well. There is only infinite approximation to an, in essence, unattainable perfection. Take also into an account that everything in your world could be known in comparison only. When you realize what is not suitable for you, you could know what you really need and by such a way become closer to it.

You've been told about bringing Heaven on Earth. This is not to imply a creation of the perfect society in which people will be only friends, brothers and sisters or something like that. Such a society could appear as a result. We are talking about a new level of mastering the physical form, about balancing the current disbalance; about embodiment of you entire accumulated spiritual experience into the physical form of YOUR OWN LIFE. Even though it sounds very strange for you. And only when you will master the art of balancing on that sharp edge of equilibrium, which is naturally not gained at once, could you feel confidence growing into you, accompanied with joy and satisfaction.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"


Ian Lisakov

October, 2011

© 2011 Ian Lisakov. All rights reserved.

You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.



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