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Main » 2012 » July » 22 » The Problem of Choice.
11:10 AM
The Problem of Choice.

The Problem of Choice.

Ian Lisakov

This is one of the most fundamental and irresolvable problems in a person’s life, in sense that there is no final resolution for this problem at all.

Our entire life and every moment of it is one or another choice entailing the whole spectrum of other choices and so on to infinity. In fact, when someone says "I have no choice…” - in that sentence there is no humiliating acceptance and a real lack of choice, but decision (i.e. CHOICE) to address this possibility to someone or something else.

Why is the choice itself, as a soul’s inner movement only then entails both the mental decision and the action is one’s problem at all? Why individual often has difficulties to choose?

Once I thought that such a difficulty is mostly inherent to people that were born and brought up, like myself in a totalitarian society with extremely limited and often altogether illusory choice - to people simply not accustomed to such inner movements due to lack of skill. But having lived enough time in the "free” society I am convinced that people limiting are themselves (sometimes consciously, more often not) by a fairly narrow range of already familiar feelings, facts, things and are not seeking to expand it. And if this expansion nonetheless occurs, it is going on according to strong necessity and quite unwillingly.

The answer, laying close enough to surface, could be the fear and reluctance of responsibility of one’s own choice, so the individual tends to delegate their power (and choice) to someone or something else. It could be anything you want – friends, lover, family, political party, government, public opinion, advertising and so on. The essence remains the same.

But I think that the roots of this problem are going down much deeper. They are stretching up to our very origin, to the very beginning.

 If we are accepting the idea that all and each of us is the part of God which is holographically reflecting Creator in his WHOLENESS and that our very existence is God’s way of SELF-DISCOVERING, then one of the most fundamental of God’s attributes – INFINITE PERFECTION – is our attribute as well. And this underlined knowledge of one’s inherent infinite perfection cannot be shaken by any circumstances ever. Anyone subconsciously considers themselves PERFECT, no matter what is occurring in one’s life. And the most important that one is absolutely right. And I think that in this very place is rooted the Problem of Choice. Choice itself means existence of uncertainty and the possibility that one of the preferences being chosen would be "wrong”. Let’s awhile push aside that fact that there are no "wrong” decisions and choices. The possibility of "mistake” itself feels on deep emotional level absolutely illegal, because it creates strong conflict with initial PERFECTION.

It seems that there is an insoluble contradiction here. And as younger the Soul, that is, as it is closer from the original point of Separation from the Whole and the less incarnations of Separation it experienced, so is stronger the Soul’s memory of the ORIGINAL PERFECTION AND UNITY OF ALL POSSIBILITIES AND PROBABILITIES. And the more tough and painful does the Soul experience such a conflict.

More experience (usually, quite difficult) gradually shifts the focus of the Soul from PERFECTION to INFINITY. And then comes a new understanding of PERFECTION which includes all infinite diversity of God (and therefore, Soul itself). In this new understanding there are equal places for both "beautiful” and "perfect”, "ugly” and "wrong”. Here we again begin to approach the ONENESS, but seemingly from "another” side, enriched with all the gained experience. And that is the purpose we are created for.

This new, expanded understanding of PERFECTION cannot resolve our main problem. But it brings us different perspective and softens fundamental contradiction, providing us, at first, mental and then emotional realization of the fact that there is no conflict here at all. It allows us to make decisions and to take responsibility more and more freely. Easily claiming power of our own Divinity and less delegate it to others, because of fear of "mistake”.

The mental stage of this process is still painful and frightening, for our distrustful emotions, in one way or another, affects us, creating anxious and tense background. The second stage, including both the mental and the emotional areas is an "aerobatics” Mastery. This is the feeling of Great Game of Life in all its manifestations regardless how it may look. I think that for such a Master it is not so easy to make a decisions and choices as well because, first of all, he sees a far bigger picture and have to take into consideration wider range of possibilities. But it certainly makes his life more interesting.

And what would be better than interesting life?

Ian Lisakov

April, 2012.

© 2011 Ian Lisakov. All rights reserved.

You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.


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