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Main » 2012 » July » 22 » "Memento Mori"
11:06 AM
"Memento Mori"

"Memento Mori"

Ian Lisakov

The most dramatic and outstanding event of every life is the death.

This subject has not been at the focus of my attention until one day this phrase come into my head in all its odd integrity. And it stuck there as a kind of definition. Since my own experience tells me that no thought comes without a reason, then I decided that this case is worthy of attention or, at least, some consideration.

And this thought was definitely worth consideration. If you'd think about it, you'd realize that the death is the only event that occurs really once in a lifetime. We are not speaking about those extremely rare cases, which are only confirming the general rule by their exclusivity.

Moreover, precisely because of its exclusivity, it is the only event which we are preparing for, our entire lives. And this preparation has shown us the full range of human ideas and emotions.

This range extends from the complete and careless optimism, which pushes death itself beyond the frames of consciousness to the realm of the deepest and hidden unconscious fears. In this case in everyday's life death simply is not being taken into consideration at all. A person lives and acts trying to avoid any reminders or thoughts about the death, like a student who enjoys freedom and carelessness during the semester and considers the coming exams as a distant and quite hypothetical threat.

On the other pole there is the conscious and rigorous preparation for death. In this case the whole life itself is falling out of the basket, because it is considered as an annoying delay before something much more interesting and enjoyable. For those life seems a tedious waiting in a lobby, in a company of non-familiar and stranger people before the start of a movie or a show, which is definitely bound to start, but when - God only knows.

The most important thing is that according to the channeling information and according to the records of the psychologists dealing with the regression into past lifetimes, both extreme points of the person's life are accompanied with the same feelings of others who surround this very person. These feelings just change their color from positive to negative and vice versa depending on where we are coming from and where we are going to.

In any case, person's departure from the one plane of existence brings to the ones that remain a feeling of deep sadness; and their arrival to another plane – the joy of a new meeting. In this manner, those feelings flip in the zero-points of our oscillation between embodied and subtle states during our countless incarnations.

But there is a little difference.

As I perceive it, our friends and loved ones seeing us off to this side of veil, feel the sadness of parting still comparable, to my mind, with the feeling that arise when you see off your loved one to the long and arduous journey. I would say – to a business trip. You are sorry. You still don't know when you'll meet again, because despite the fact that the term of an earthy incarnation is more or less known, you can, meanwhile, leave somewhere else as well. But, in any case, there is no irreparableness there. Anyway you will meet again, updated, more wise and experienced and it will be a great joy. You will have a lot to share with each other and a lot to remember. This knowledge and the absolute knowledge, not subjected by even a shadow of doubt, brightens, I think, this sadness and the pain of parting.

On earthy plane, in the realm of form it is different.

This is not my idea. It is certainly not a new one, but nevertheless it is true. While leaving the earthy plane of existence, everyone takes from here their Entire Complete Unique Universe that Will Never Ever Happen Again. Yes, the Soul will incarnate again and again. Yes, we'll meet there on the other side of the veil and will happily discuss these adventures with "friends" and with "enemies". Yes, we will likely meet the same Souls during other embodiments, because we apparently are working with the same wide, albeit limited circle of Souls. But we'll never meet with the SAME PERSON. Everything that is gone – is gone FOREVER.

The experience gained on Earth will be loaded into the treasury; will be written down into Akashi, added to Universal Database, anything you would want, and will remain available for future use. But on the earthy plane, just because of its uniqueness, this very experience will never be repeated. And the very event of death creates this uniqueness. Precisely in this very moment everything that a specific person did, thought and felt became absolutely UNIQUE and, therefore takes an immense value. That is why the moment of death is so important for all of us. That is why we are so afraid of it and prepare for it during our entire life.

Why am I saying all this? Because the grief felt by those remaining is not only legitimate and has a real basis, but not mitigated, in general, even by the knowledge of the future meeting "on the other side". I tell this all because the happiness of the new Soul's arrival is overshadowed always by underlying understanding that this new experience is transient as well. And I tell it because sometimes by the different reasons, sometimes simply be neglect and sometimes because of "ideological considerations" we do not appreciate or insufficiently appreciate such a UNIQUE UNIVERSAL EVENT as a HUMAN LIFE.

If you love someone – LOVE THEM NOW. Even if you'd meet this person in a next lifetime and would love them (it is possible that you'd become enemies?), you will not recognize them and your love will be DIFFERENT.


Ian Lisakov

November, 2011

© 2011 Ian Lisakov. All rights reserved.

You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.


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