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Main » 2012 » October » 9 » Something about Fairy Tales and “Magic Thinking”.
7:25 PM
Something about Fairy Tales and “Magic Thinking”.

Something about Fairy Tales and "Magic Thinking”.

By Ian Lisakov

September, 2012.

Nothing ever happens instantly in our life. Any, even seemingly the most rapid or instant actions are still a process. And the most interesting things in our life are happening during this process.

 It is true that for other people this process might be unnoticeable at all. There was a regular person with a regular life, acting in regular ways both for himself and for others, and "suddenly” he drops everything and turns to be something absolutely different. And it happens as in a Fairy Tale and "by a wave of a magic wand”. God knows how long he "sat” without movement and all at once he turns to be a "Hero” - or has been peaceful shepherd, paying his pipe, and suddenly grasped a sword and rushed somewhere to look for something. Most people who believe that everything happens exactly this way just do not realize that what they consider "the wave of a magic wand” of "instant turning” is, in fact, not the result, but the beginning of a big process that was preceded by another hidden process of preparation. Nobody ever becomes a Mighty Hero if he is weak by nature. Nobody leaves his sheep and pipe alone, if this business has not become deadly boring for him and he is not mature enough to change his pipe to something double-edged. The Hero must be ready from the inside for the next step. If the current state suits him, the magic will not come out.

 But even the magic itself, in this case, means not a result, but a trigger to the new process from which the whole story begins. The tale starts to tell us not about the adventures of the Hero, which is only the uppermost layer of the story, but about the process (always quite a long and a hard one) of transformation of the character, for whom his previous life (as a result of certain inner evolution) has become impossible now. And by this process he is transforming into something absolutely new, something different. So we are speaking here about his transition into completely different level of consciousness and existence. Tales paints us the process of giving birth to the New Human Being. They describe the hard process of his passing by birth canal of his own internal changes, the birth of a New Self, which is ready for anything in order to exit into the New Life.

It is with himself that the Hero is fighting during the entire tale. It is his reflections to outside world that he is fighting with. This is his own inner self that tends to be content with "what it is”, the desire to take a path of least resistance rather than seek a higher purpose, reflects him the "enemy” trying to tempt him with "contentment” in order to prevent his further movement. This is his own self-doubt he meets in the faces of different obstacles emerging on his path. It is with her own fears that Beauty is fighting fright to take a close look on the Beast and see there something that could reflect her own certain part. Because she, on some level, doesn’t want this inner work and efforts, which will eventually allow her to pass through this ticket and to love that Beast on. And she could love it only after she will love the Beast within. And the final long-awaited kiss, magically transforms the Beast into handsome Prince, in fact, means the magical transformation of the Beauty into New Being, who loves herself unconditionally, and as such reveals her own true beauty.

But this is precisely the point. Happy ending of any fairy tale is hidden in its very beginning. It is in the Hero’s first impulse and in its aspiration and readiness to achieve the Purpose and cost, readiness to do all the necessary to realize this happy ending. And it means to bring himself into fit or adjustment with the state in which this happy ending could emerge from its potentiality to noticeable existence.

Another thing that often happens is that once he reaches his goal the Hero discovers that he has outgrown it already and feels the urge to move on, to the different shining Purpose, even more elusive. But this endless process, as usual, is beyond the frame of this particular and finite fairy tale, snatching for us quite a small piece of that infinite process and turning it into example, into typical behavior pattern to be creatively used for moving on.

Why do I say all of this? In order to somehow express and to describe the feeling which I see in myself and in many other people as well. This state of mind I’d called "The Magical Thinking”. This is the desire, the tendency to ignore this hidden process of one’s own transformations, leading to manifestation of the desired result. This is the desire to deny the necessity of this process. The desire to deny that fact that you have to conform to the outcome you want to receive, which is, of course, requires certain efforts and time in order to achieve.

How I wish I could manifest the desired outcome "by the wave of a magic wand”, easy and the most importantly, at once! How I wish we all suddenly took a leap into the 5th dimension with Peace and Love all over Earth! But how could peace and love be all over the world if my own neighbors, or co-workers, or friends annoy me so much, and I’m not ready to accept their existence (or at least our co-existence) in this particulate space and time? How the abundance and wealth could pour down on me, if I am convinced that " it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Godand so just aren’t ready to allow this abundance?

This is just a couple of the most obvious examples. There is nothing instantaneous in our 3D world and nothing ever happens "by the wave of a magic wand”. Every noticeable, tangible outcome has its own preceded process. The Teacher comes to us when we are ready to listen to him. Abundance comes when we are willing to accept it, and Love – when we are ready to love. And the outcome we have is always a tangible expression of our inner readiness to accept it. And the point is not the result itself, but the hidden process of endless inner changing. And the outcomes we have are only the milestones on this Path.

© 2012 Ian Lisakov. All rights reserved.
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

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